Mont Blanc tunnel to close for over-night maintenance

Eight-hour block on 8 -9 June.

The Mont Blanc road tunnel, the main trans-Alpine connection between Italy and France, will be closed for maintenance work from 22.00 Monday 8 June.

The tunnel will reopen to traffic at 06.00 on 9 June.

The tunnel will also be closed – this time for a safety drill – from 22.00 on Monday June 15 to 06.00 on Tuesday 16 June.

Maintenance work will also slow traffic due to contraflows from 22.30 to 06.00 on the nights from 9 to 11 June and from 16 to 18 June, the tunnel management has announced.

A fire in the tunnel in March 1999 killed 27 people in vehicles and 10 more trying to escape on foot, as well as a fireman. It burned for 53 hours, and it was over five days until the tunnel was cool enough for repair work to start. 

It was three years before the tunnel was reopened.

The nearest alternative route is the Frejus road tunnel to the south.