More “Nonni amici” for Milan schools

Milan seeking more volunteer helpers.

Milan has voted over €200,000 to support and extend the army of volunteers helping to control traffic when children arrive at or leave elementary schools around the city.

At present, some 310 volunteers don hi-vis tabards with the “Nonno amico” legend every day outside 85 of Milan’s infant and elementary schools, helping the local police to guard pedestrian crossings, stop the kids from dashing into the traffic, to ensure safety during the school rush-hour.

The scheme has been so successful that city hall has now voted funds to put the service on a more official standing, and recruit volunteers for another 20 schools.

The funds will cover training and insurance against accidents and legal responsibility. More official tabards will be provided, and volunteers will be provided with ATM travel passes to reach their place of deployment.

Bids have already been invited for the management of this service all across the city, and the most efficient and experienced organisation is about to be chosen to take the reins.