Neo-Nazi group to meet in Milan

Hammerfest in Rogoredo again

Milan’s neo-Nazi group Skinhouse will again this year host a rally of skinheads from around the world in Milan’s Rogoredo quarter on Saturday 29 November, although the exact location has not yet been made public.

Little has been announced about the day’s programme, except for the names of some of the groups expected to play gigs: Lunikoff (once called “Endlösung” – final solution), Vérszerzödés (banned in Switzerland), Gesta Bellica (who include a song praising Erich Priebke, responsible for the 1944 Fosse Ardeatine massacre, in their repertoire), Kommando skin, Malnattt and Nativi, standing in for indisposed Motosega (chainsaw).

The over 1,000 “hammerskins” expected to arrive in Milan for the rally are described in authoritative Italian daily La Repubblica as an offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan, founded in the 1980s in the US. Their creed, reports the daily, is summed up in a phrase attributed to one David Lane, at present serving a sentence of 190 years for murder and conspiration: “We need to secure the existence of our people and a future for our white kids.”

The group melds antisemitism and hate for blacks, National Socialism as a basis for the building of a New Order, and a violent baptism of blood for new adepts, obliged to submit to beatings and to fight against combat dogs. Last year’s rally became a national case, says the daily, causing disputes between institutions and a “passing the buck” between the city authorities, Lombardy regional government, the police and the prefecture.

Although Mayor Giuliano Pisapia called for the rally to be banned, the authorities competent for issuing or denying permits – police and prefecture – judged the event to be unlikely to be a public danger and declined the mayor’s request.

The political observatory Libertà e Giustizia, under the presidency of former constitutional court judge Gustavo Zagrebelsky,has published a petition to demand that local and national authorities deny permits for the rally. Italy and Europe are already marked by the dangerous temptations of an extreme right wing, says the organisation, and don’t need Milan – city awarded the Gold Medal of the Resistance against Fascism – to host rallies which openly call for hate against Jews, blacks and gays.

ANPI, the national associations of former partisans, reminds milanesi that 29 November happens to be their day for recruiting supporters, and that stands will be open on Piazza dei Mercanti.

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