New line for Milano commuters

Trenord launches connection Melegnano-Bovisa.

Starting Monday 12 September, a new route by Milan-based regional rail transport company Trenord will link key points from north to south across the city.

The new S12 line will run from Bovisa in the north to Melegnano in the south, passing through the city centre with halts at 10 other stations, including such important stops as Porta Vittorio, Porta Venezia, Repubblica and Porta Garibaldi.

During the initial launch period, the route will carry four runs during the morning rush-hour, starting at 07.53 from Melegnano and at 06.21 from Bovisa, Mondays to Fridays.

The TSR trains, designed specifically for commuter services in densely populated areas, will each consist of four double-decker carriages with a capacity of 436 seats plus standing room, and the integral power train.