New look for Milan Central

Station redesigned for Expo

Milano Centrale, one of Italy’s busiest transport nodes, is to be completely restyled by the prestigious Turin design studio Giugiaro in time for the opening of Expo 2015 in May.

The new look will involve a complete redesign of the Galleria delle Carrozze – the access hall from the entrance in Piazza Dcuca d’Aosta – and the installation of anti-bagsnatching barriers at the entrance to the platforms.

The gallery, at present an anonymous space with no apparent purpose and a haunt for vandals and the homeless, is to become a shopping mall with a futuristic glass and steel construction which will soon be offered in lots to interested retailers. Part of the area will be dedicated to restaurant services.

But the restyling will not stop there: serious attention will be paid to the problem of bag-snatchers which has always plagued the area on the upper level providing access to the platforms. Transparent, glass barriers in keeping with the architecture of the station will provide shelter for travellers queueing to reach their trains. There will be no turnstiles, but the access will be staffed by personnel of Ferrovie dello Stato, who will shortly be hiring a further 50 guards for this critical point.

Franco Fiumara, director general of the Grandi Stazioni branch of Ferrovie dello Stato, announcing the project, has guaranteed that the work will be completed by the end of April.

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