New names for metro stations

From Parco Nord to Stadio, from Ospedale Buzzi to Teatro Elfo Puccini: new names will shortly appear on several stations on metro lines M1, M2 and M5.

The initiative, voted in a meeting of the city council, is separate from the recent decision to offer stations for sponsorship. This decision has been taken to have the names reflect some of the more important assets of the city found near the stations. The vote marks the adoption of several accepted suggestions by residents and local borough councils to help tourists and visitors to the city – especially in the run-up to Expo 2015 – find the stops closest to places of particular interest.

Three stops on the new M5 lilac line will be renamed: Bignami will become Bignami-Parco Nord, San Siro Harar-Dessié will become San Siro-Stadio, and San Siro Trotter will become San Siro-Ippodromo. Along the M2 line, Abbiategrasso will be renamed Piazza Abbiategrasso to avoid any confusion with the town.

Another eight stations on the M5 and M1 lines will see their signposting modified to provide more useful information. Ponale changes to Ponale-Hangar Bicocca, Cà Granda to Cà Granda-Pratocentenaro, Bicocca to Bicocca-Università, Gerusalemme to Gerusalemme-Ospedale Buzzi, Portello to Portello-ex Alfa Romeo, Domodossola FNM to Domodossola FN, and on the M1 line Lima becomes Lima-Teatro Elfo Puccini and Cordusio becomes Cordusio-Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

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