New Year resolutions for Milan: Sala

Milan mayor takes stock at mid-term.

“Happy with what we’ve achieved; now it’s time for the outer suburbs.” So headlined leading daily La Repubblica’s exclusive interview with Milan mayor Beppe Sala as he summed up the first half of his mandate and outlined his three New Year resolutions for the city.

“I’ve got three things particularly at heart for Milan in 2019,” Sala told the daily: “to reduce as far as possible the differences between the city centre and the outlying suburbs, to improve basic services like transport and cleaning to give residents the best in Europe, and to insist on Milan’s international dimension.”

In the interview, Sala said how pleased he was with the progress made on Milan’s candidacy for the 2026 winter Olympics.  But this raised a less positive issue: the failure to win the relocation of the Europe Medicines Agency from London. “Something went wrong there at the last moment with international relations,” he complained, adding that “the rapport between Milan and the government is close to inexistent.”

And the mayor also admitted that he wasn’t satisfied with the speed of work and public services in the city, often held up by bureaucracy. “I want our citizens to see work carried out properly and in a very short time,” he promised.

Asked whether he planned a more nationwide role in the future, Sala said he felt very much at home with his role and his managerial competencies, and undertook to concentrate on his work for the city as long as his mandate lasts.  But he confessed to wondering sometimes whether Beppe Sala might have a role to play beyond the city limits in the more distant future.