New York Times reviews Expo Milan 2015

Success with a muddled message”.

The New York Times, widely quoted in Italy after its recent attack on the degradation of Rome, has published a detailed review of Milan’s Expo 2015 in which praise is diluted with reports of some disappointing aspects.

Correspondent Rachel Donadio describes the exposition as “part Disneyland, part Venice Biennale for consciousness-raising about climate change and food waste — only without the rides or the art”. And she states that “[a]bove all, Expo is huge: less a conference center than a small city.”

Ms Donadio provides a detailed, richly illustrated review of several pavilions, and was generally impressed by their inventiveness and message. But she could not help wondering whether the presence of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola – two of the largest corporations in the US – raise the question, “Is Expo part of the problem or part of the solution?”

The British Pavilion
The British Pavilion

On the whole, her article seems more likely to encourage Americans to visit Expo rather than to dissuade them, and provides many pointers to help them make the most of their experience.

Photo: British Pavilion by Samuele Pellecchia for The New York Times.