No poisoned eggs in Lombardy – regional council

Italy virtually self-sufficient in egg production.

Lombardy regional council has reassured consumers that no eggs contaminated with the insecticide Fipronil have been found in Milan or Lombardy.

The discovery of Fipronil contamination of eggs from the Netherlands, the EU’s leading producer, recently led to the destruction of millions of eggs in northern Europe as a precautionary measure and sparked fears among consumers.

Vets from the health ministry’s office for checking the application of EU rules have already determined that no chicken breeding facilities in Lombardy used the product.

But councillor Giulio Gallera, responsible for welfare, told media that tighter checks are now being carried out “simply to be on the safe side.”

The ministry, coordinating with the specialised NAS Carabinieri squad, have launched a programme of checking samples of eggs, egg products and chicken meat across the region, Gallera added.

And national farmers’ association Coldiretti points out that Italy is virtually self-sufficient in egg production, with sales reaching almost 13 billion per year, so that imported eggs are very few indeed.

Every egg sold in Italy is stamped with a code indicating exactly where and when it was laid, and in what type of farm.