One in three Milan residents foreigners by 2035

Increase in Milan's foreign community continues.

According to a statistical projection released by Milan this week, one in every three residents will be a foreigner by 2035.

“Milan is the vibrant centre of the Lombardy region,” states the report, “the Italian region with the highest number of immigrants, due among other things to its strong attraction for labour: on 1 January 2017 there were 1,140,000 foreign residents.”

Foreigners among the city’s resident population increased from less than eight per cent in 1999 to almost 19 per cent in 2017, continues the report prepared by the city’s statistical office. It calculates that non-Italian residents will reach 30 per cent by 2035.

State funding for immigration issues in Milan will increase by €5m. to €28.4m. in 2018, Majorino concluded.  The state aid will go mostly towards funding the protection schemes for refugees and asylum applicants.