Over 13,000 places for Milan kids this summer

City hall organises summer camps in the city, mountains, lakes and beach.

Ten thousand Milan school kids will be able to attend summer camps in the city between June and July, while another 3,500 will find places at the Holiday Houses on the coast, in the mountains or near the lakes between June and September.

Organised every year by the city authorities, the summer camps are designed to help families with working parents unable to get away, or who for any other reason have a problem in taking the children on vacation.

Along with the traditional Holiday Houses at the lakeside in Vaciago, in the mountains at Zambla and Bardonecchia, and at the beach in Andora and Pietro Ligure, a new location has been contracted at Misano on the Adriatic coast.

City hall has arranged coaches for transporting the kids to their Holiday House.

For those choosing to stay in the city, stimulating programmes and activities are planned in 41 primary schools, two of them reserved for kids with disabilities.

Parents can sign up their children to the summer activity they choose until 15 April by clicking on the banner “Iscrizione Online Servizi per l’Infanzia” on the city hall website, or by calling the Infoline service on 020202 from 08.00 to 20.00 Monday to Saturday.

The sign-up date has no relevance for the order of acceptance for the places available, but social and economic factors affecting the kids will help win them better places in the queue.