"Painless" street-cleaning extended by another 246 km

Another 246 km of Milan’s streets will be cleaned from 2 May using the “global sweeping” technology, which no longer requires car owners to find another parking slot and free up their street on cleaning days.

The weekly ritual – and its hefty fine for drivers who forget to respect it – will now no longer apply to another 88,000 parking slots along the city streets.  The new technology washes the street and footpaths under parked vehicles, which no longer risk towing away, clamping or other punishment.  City hall claims the improvement was classed “very positive” in a citizen’s satisfaction survey

This sixth extension of the technology since its introduction in 2007 has brought the total length of streets washed weekly by Amsa’s 90 squads, despite being occupied by parked vehicles, to 3,082 km. Nearly eight million square metres of footpaths are also washed with “global sweeping”.

The patented technology developed by Amsa has been adopted in several other cities, both in Italy and abroad, says the city hall.

Streets exempted from the weekly search for a new parking slot are listed in the annex to an announcement on the News channel of the city hall website.

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