Pay Milan local taxes with work

Milan’s needy can work off their debt.

Milan’s city hall has come to the aid of low or zero income families with debts of over €1,500 to the city administration, who can now apply to pay off those debts with hours of socially useful work.

Successful applicants will be taken on temporarily by a city-approved “tutor” company to carry out street cleaning, building renovation, maintenance of city parks and similar work. Every hour of work will be worth €10 against the debt.

The scheme covers local taxes such as ICI and IMU on housing, TARES on waste collection and TARI on street lighting and other municipal services, but not state taxes such as the IRPEF income tax. It also covers traffic fines and rent on council housing.

The offer is open to Milan residents, or business people operating within the city limits, over 18 years old, with EU nationality or with a valid residence permit. Above all, their family ISEE rating (an official certificate of the economic situation of a household) must be €21,000 or less.

A final condition is that their inability to pay is not their own fault, but due to a drop of 30 per cent or more in family income through redundancy, job loss, new-born dependents, accident or sickness of the family bread-winner or similar sudden economic hardship.

Application forms can be picked up at the borough administration offices in all nine city zones, and must be presented by 30 April. More detail is available on the city website.

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