Petrol-station strike confirmed

A two-day nationwide strike of all petrol stations from 12 to 14 December has been confirmed, after talks aimed at averting the protest finished with no positive results.

Fuel will be unavailable from 19.00 on Tuesday 11 December to 07.00 on Friday 14 December at all service stations except for the motorways, where the closure will be from 22.00 on Tuesday until 22.00 on Thursday 13 December.

The unions representing service station operators made the announcement after a meeting with the Ministry for Economic Development.  They added that a further meeting is planned for Monday 10 December, but that they do not expect any new developments from these talks.

The government ombudsman for strikes has asked the operators to provide at least minimum services, while consumer association Codacons reminded operators that the law requires at least one service station to remain open for every 100 km of motorway, and 50 per cent of stations on other roads.