Plans laid for Expo 2015 grounds

Expo 2015 may not have started yet, but plans are already being drawn up for the million square metres of grounds once the curtain has been rung down on 31 October 2015.

“The objective is to have a quality master plan to consider a wide range of services which are useful for the city,” said mayor Giuliano Pisapia, announcing that discussions are already well under way. “[We are planning] a Smart City connecting out to all of Lombardy within the strategic framework of not splitting up the area, of thinking in terms of a metropolitan city.” And with at least one fixed point, added Pisapia: no “cementification” or uncontrolled building.

Another pre-condition will be that 56 per cent of the total area has to be transformed into a park tied to the themes of the Expo.

The administrations of Milan and Rho will shortly announce an international competition for the management of the area. Not thinking in time of the future of the area, Pisapia pointed out, would put at risk the recovery of this important space. “That won’t happen in Milan,” he said: “we are proceeding in good time so that we’ll be ready to meet all the deadlines.”

Arexpo, owner of the terrain with Milan city hall and the regional administration as majority shareholders, has seen 15 plans up to now submitted by architects, industries and associations. Media reports speculate that a new sport stadium might be built, and that the Italy pavilion of Expo 2015 could be kept on as a museum for contemporary art.

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