Public transport strike called for 14 September

Milan trams, buses and metro to be affected.

Milan transport authority ATM has confirmed that the CUB Trasporti union has called for a stoppage on Thursday 14 September from 18.00 to 22.00.

The industrial action will involve both the city’s underground metro network and the surface transport routes including buses and trams.

The usual “protected period” for home-bound commuters will not apply, as the timeframe falls outside the legally required coverage.

As only the one union has called for a stoppage, the effect may not be total, and some routes might still operate.  But the timing raises fears that passengers will suffer disruption and th end of the working day.

Union officials are protesting the possible plan to call for bids for operators to take over the ATM services.  Should that happen, they say, bidders will naturally try to keep their offers lower than their competitors, which would then lead to cuts in the labour force.  They say city hall is delaying announcing a decision, causing unrest among the workers.