Public transport strike in Milan

On Friday, January 27,  public transport in Milan will stop due to a strike. Metro, buses and trams will stop from 8.45 to 15.00 and from 18.00 at the end of the service. The strike will also hit the railway network: Fs (Ferrovie dello Stato) and Trenord have announced that from 21.00 on Thursday, January  26, to 21.00 on Friday, January 27, trains could be subject to cancellation
or delays.

To help workers and students, the Milan City Council has decided to suspend the Area C congestion charge for the day: to enter the center, therefore, no ticket will have to paid.

The strike is national and has been organized to protest against the government's policies that -as written on the Union's comuniqué- "penalize workers, pensioners and the unemployed. Through the blackmail of public debt, the goverment intend's to put the full weight on everybody except those that have generated it , speculated and profited from it".