Rio Olympics free at Milan’s Darsena

Evenings from 19.00 to 22.00.

For milanesi who can’t make it to Rio, highlights of the games will be screened free from Friday 5 August at the popular night-life area of the Darsena.

Projected on the floating Cube in the canal, the footage will be visible from all the surrounding streets. The selection of events to watch will be adapted to concentrate on those in which the Italian teams are competing, and the sports arousing the most interest in Italian fans.

Beach volley and volleyball, diving and fencing, volleyball and water polo – the producers of the free evening shows will follow the competitions in Brazil and choose the most thrilling moments for each evening.

Several Milan-based sportspeople are among the Azzurri, and their progress is likely to be reflected in the shows: Marco De Nicolo is competing in shooting, Anna Maria Mazzetti in the triathlon and Eleonora Anna Giorgi in the foot race.