The popular night-time meeting place for the young in front of the basilica of S. Lorenzo has become a bone of contention between the city and its night people. The city will probably decide in favour of removing the barriers that it has put up around square, just inside the Porta Ticinese. However there will still be a police presence during peak night-time hours and a prohibition on the sale of drinks in glass bottles.

There is now a move afoot to set up a committee of night-time users, the people who live around the square and the city authorities as a forum for discussion about happenings in this important open-air meeting place. Bars in the area are beginning to feel the effect of the fall-off in trade.

Noise and movement around the square is intense during hot summer nights in particular and many fear for the safety of this important 4th century church and the 2nd century columns in front of it. The church, which was built on the site of an old amphitheatre, was renovated and redecorated in the 16th century.