Residents around the S. Lorenzo area of Milan are asking for the removal of the tram service that runs right past the old Roman columns in front of the basilica.

The residents claim that the much-used number 3 and 15 lines are damaging the columns. They suggest that the lines be moved to Via Cesare Correnti, which is close enough to be convenient for the same passengers, or Corso Italia, which is too far away to be of any use.

Residents are not only worried about the Roman remains; they would also like to make S. Lorenzo into a pedestrian area.

There is not much support for the idea from the city counsellors who claim that there is no danger to the columns and that changing the tram system would cause serious disruption for the traffic.

S. Lorenzo, close to Porta Ticinese, is one of the popular areas of the city for the young night crowd in the summer. There are good restaurants and clubs, and the space in front of the church is a perfect night-time meeting place. It is so popular that residents complain not only about the traffic but also about the noise levels in the summer.