Science shines at Expo 2015

CNR to host 24 events in Milan

Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) has dedicated the whole of this year’s first edition of its biweekly review Almanacco della Scienza to Expo 2015, announcing that the prestigious council will host 24 events during the exposition.

Among the events, on 14 May the council will present the project “Med Diet Expo 2015” to promote the advantages of the well-known Mediterranean diet as a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. On 5 August, an event will explain how to produce new materials from food waste, while on 16 September the focus will be on the landscape, to be seen as not static but in movement and needing conservation.

The history of the humble apple and its nutritional characteristics will take the stage on 26 September. On 30 September the council will discuss the latest research on food pckaging, and on 7 October it will host a convention on the history of the migration of plants and their interaction with humans.

The CNR programme for Expo will be divided into three main sections: the environmental and medical aspects of nutrition, food and productivity, and the science underlying the food chain.

A detailed calendar of the events is available on this page of the CNR website. CNR president Luigi Nicolais, presenting the council’s programme, said, “Expo 2015 is an opportunity for the world of science. Researchers will be able to present their most advanced study results to a vast public.” CNR is the scientific advisor to the Italy pavilion.

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