Security boost on Lombardy rail routes

Salvini attends Milan Public Order and Security committee meeting.

Italy's interior ministry is preparing to provide more security for passengers on train routes around Milan and across Lombardy.

Five routes have already been singled out as particularly prone to violence on board: the S9 Saronno-Albairate, the S7 Milan-Monza-Molteno-Lecco, the Milan Porta Genoa-Mortara, the Bergamo Treviglio and the Milan-Carnate-Lecco.

Attending a meeting of the provincial Public Order and Security committee in Milan last week, interior minister and deputy premier Matteo Salvini requested a list of priority stretches for Lombardy trains on which an increased police presence was required.

Lombardy regional governor Attilio Fontana, after consulting with Milan-based regional network Trenord, on 1 October provided the five routes along which crime has been increasing in recent months, and where the ministry intends to deploy more patrols.