Signor Hu, Signora Rossi most common surnames in Milan

Milan is the city of Signor Hu and Signora Rossi

These are the most popular names according to the “hatched, matched and despatched” data released by the city registry office for the year 2014.

No surprises here: the Chinese surname Hu has been the most numerous in the city for many years, and now with 2,029 residents is still leading the Italian Rossi (1,958), Ferrari (1,594) and Colombo (1,592) for males.

For females, however, Rossi is in the lead with 1,958, followed by Hu (1,986), Colombo (1,979), Ferrari (1,885) and Bianchi (1,472).

There are interesting differences in the forenames chosen by Italian parents and those of other nationalities. Italians last year chose Giulia (248 registrations) ahead of Alessandro and Leonardo (260 each), followed by Andrea (229) and Francesco (225) for boys, and Sofia (232 – down from first to second place), Alice (153) and Beatice (145) for the girls.

Non-Italian parents, on the other hand, chose Sofia (34), Maria (33) and Sara (25) for their girls and Mohamed (50), Matteo and Adam (29 each) and Omar (25) for their boys. Among the more popular forenames in 2013, Emma, Angela, Chiara and Martina have dropped out of the top ten.

Births in the city dropped slightly to 11,206 – 5,739 boys and 5,467 girls – from 2013’s total of 11,733. Marriages also registered a decrease from 3,054 in 20137 to 2,979 last year. These included 1,957 civil ceremonies (down from 2,099) and 1,022 religious marriages (up from 955). Divorces, however, rose sharply from 1,516 to 2,315, an increase of 52 per cent and in contrast with the overall national tendency.

Fewer deaths were registered in Milan last year: from 2013’s total of 13,569 the number dropped to 12,894, of which 5,867 were male and 7,027 female.

Fewer Milan residents decided to move abroad last year: 3,281 compared with 3,979 in 2013. There was a slight shift in destinations, too: while in 2013 the most popular were (in order) UK, Switzerland and US, in 2014 Switzerland was the most popular with 592 transfers, followed by UK (560) and US (295). France remained steady in fourth place (234), while there were small numbers of transfers to more exotic destinatons like Cuba (8), India (6) adn Oman (4).

In 2014 there were 253,067 foreigners resident in Milan. Of these, the Filippinos formed the largest group at 41,131, followed by Egyptians (35,507) and Chinese (25,868).

Returning to data for the entire population of the city, women accounted for more researchers than men (1,619 against 1,396), as they did for architects (4,855 against 4,785), journalists (3,414 against 3,213), magistrates (278 against 241), designers (1,266 against 1,213), teachers (18,506 against 4,125), pharmacists (1,435 against 692) and students (80,465 against 79,848). Among the men, however, the male entrepreneurs were more than the females (13,782 against 4,236), as were the retailers (12,757 against 5,851) and the lawyers (6,694 against 5,914).

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