Silos Armani

One of the new Milan additions, opened in time for Expo2015, is Silos Armani, a new space at Via Bergognone 40, to see 40 years of Armani fashion collections.

The opening also marked the 40th anniversary of Giorgio Armani's career as a worldwide fashion icon. He opened his company, Armani, in 1975 and although he was first noticed for his men's wear he soon became a favourite among the Hollywood famous. But he also became a household name among a new breed of up-and-coming women executives for his smart, no-nonsense tailored look.

Armani is not only one of Italy's top designers but is also considered one of Milan's “native sons”. His personal fortune is said to be about €7 billion.

Via Bergognone is in the trendy Tortona area, outside the historic centre shopping precincts.