Six Instagram accounts to inspire your trip to Milan

With an estimated 800 million monthly active users (source: Statista 2017), Instagram can be seen as a rich research resource. With so many people sharing their views of places, it is possible to travel virtually by looking at the infinite angles from which #beautifuldestinations around the world have been captured and shared. Here are some accounts to trigger your travel bug, inspire your visit to Milan, and give you six new perspectives on this photogenic city. And for more content like this, be sure to start by following @wantedinmilan, of course.  

@walkingmilan is curated by two Russian women who explore Italy from their base in Milan. The account is versatile, from architectural treasures and birds-eye-view shots to street market details and portraits of locals that they meet on their travels. This gallery is also a plate full of must-sees if planning an Italian road-trip.

The Navigli canals captured by @walkingmilan


@Topfoodmilan is dedicated to sharing recommendations of places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner around Milan. Not all photographs featured in this gallery are professional, but good tips, such as house specialities and the prices of the dishes are shared in the descriptions of each photo. The colourful food is often displayed with the backdrop of the restaurants, to get an idea of the environment or even where to sit for the best views during a meal.

LùBar captured by @Topfoodmilan


@andremeta is a photographer based in Milan who shares cityscapes with an emphasis on architecture but also on capturing the essence of places through the ways in which people interact with their surroundings. He is a creative storyteller bringing life to still-frames.

Romance in front of the Duomo captured by @andremeta


@_sausage_  focuses on city landscape photography with great symmetry and colour. Often people are integrated into the landscape in a subtle way, adding to the composition without stealing all the attention from doorframes and the symmetry of the shots. His photographs are a reminder that places are not composed of buildings and touristic spots but rather of the people inhabiting them.

A moment of awe at the Pirelli Skyscrapers captures by @_sausage_


@zen636  is a street photographer who shares his view of the world in black and white. This gallery is unpretentious with a sharp eye for detail. The daily agitation of a big city is captured with a delicate attention to human tenderness.

A busy Milanese street captured by @zen636


@dvdprtto , an Italian designer and photographer, divides his time between Bologna and Milan. He captures dreamlike lights and his compositions seem to all come from a movie scene. Even in a place such as a train station he seems to find a moment of quiet and pastel-coloured tranquillity. This gallery is sure to inspire a more romantic way of looking at the city.  

Milan's central station captured by @dvdprtto