Stefano Parisi centre-right candidate for Milan mayor

Parisi announcement comes after Giuseppe Sala victory for the Partito Democaratico.

Industrialist and former Milan city manager Stefano Parisi will be the single candidate for the centre-right grouping in the race for Milan city hall in June.

After the Partito Democratico (PD) chose former Expo Milan 2015 commissioner Giuseppe Sala with a primary election last weekend, Parisi said on 10 February that he has “accepted the invitation of all the parties of the centre-right” to stand against Sala.

“The decisive push [for the decision],” he said, “came after I saw that a consensus on my name had formed among all the components of the area which is now governing the Lombardy region. I believe it’s my duty to continue to give my contribution to the community.”

Parisi’s career started in the research department of CGIL labour union, and led him to posts in the labour and foreign affairs ministries, as well as a spell as deputy president of the council of ministers in 1988-89. He became director general of Milan city council under mayor Gabriele Albertini in 1997. After the Albertini council was voted out, Parisi joined the industrialists’ confederation, also as director general, before taking the helm as CEO of Fastweb telecommunications company. He now manages Chili, a platform for videos and films on demand.

Political commentators point out that Parisi’s candidature had been in the air for some time, and that the centre-right appears to have waited only long enough to see the result of their opponents’ primary.

Both the centre-right coalition and the centre-left Partito Democaratico are now fielding managerial candidates to govern one of Italy's most important cities.

The election however may not necessarily be a two-party fight: other parties, especially those on the left, have not yet stated whether they will field anybody to stand against the candidates for the two major groupings.

The election will be held in June. Observers believe the most likely date could be the second weekend.