Study in the UK Fair in Milan

British Council offers free counselling

People – not just students – wanting to increase their work opportunities with a course of study in the UK are invited to the free “Study in the UK Fair” organised by the British Council in Milan on 28 February.

This will be an occasion for students at every level, for young professionals, parents and teachers to meet representatives of 35 universities, colleges and business and language schools to hear what Britain has to offer them, and to take part in seminars on higher, university and post-grad education.

The main areas covered will be choosing a course, how to apply for a place at a British university, preparation for internationally recognised language certificates, orientation seen through the experience of other students, and prospects for employment in the UK.

The Fair will run from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday 28 February at the ATA Hotel Executive in Viale Don Luigi Sturzo 45.

Admission is free for all participants, but they will need to register online at the British Council website.