Summer sales a sign of upswing

Codacons: “a little sign of recovery”

Consumer association Codacons reports that the summer sales which started in Milan on 5 July have brought a breath of oxygen to the flagging economy.

After the first 10 days of sales, Codacons reported an estimated turnover of some €3.7 bn, or about €237 per family. If this estimate is confirmed, it will correspond to €8 per family more than last year – “a little sign of recovery,” they say.

Discounts offered by outlets this year have often exceeded 40 per cent, making shopping in Italy’s fashion capital a tempting occasion. This year’s increase, although small, reflects a welcome inversion in the tendency of recent years, as the economic crisis bit hard into family budgets. Codacons experts suggest that the government bonus of €80 in the pay-packets of some 10 million Italians has played a part in the upswing.

The consumer organisation reminds shoppers of the golden rules for enjoying the sales. It is normally up to the shopkeeper to decide whether discounted goods may be exchanged later (always assuming, of course, that the exchange is not requested for damaged or incorrectly described goods), so shoppers should make sure they know the trader’s rules before closing the sale. It’s also the shopkeeper’s decision whether or not you can try clothes on before buying them.

Shops displaying the stickers of a credit card circuit are obliged to accept payment by those cards even during the sales. Goods offered in sales must have a seasonal or fashion character, and must be subject to particular loss of sale value if not sold within a certain time. Other goods not offered at discounted prices during the sales may also be displayed, but must be clearly separated from the sales bargains.

And finally, price labels during sales must show both the normal price and the discounted price, as well as the percentage of discount.

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