Summer sales start on Saturday 2 July

Milan shoppers to vie for bargains.

Milan fashionistas will hit the shops from Saturday 2 July as the summer sales season gets under way.

Lasting through until late August across the whole Lombardy region, discounted clothes, accessories and shoes will be on sale at knock-down prices – although the best bargains are usually snapped up in the first hectic days.

Consumer association Codacons estimates that customers will spend around the same sums as last year, or around €67 per head.

Shoppers should take care to see that the full price as well as the discounted sales price is visible on the tag, it warns. They should also check carefully that articles discounted for the sales are physically separated from those not included in the offer.

Even if shopkeepers should pretend otherwise, consumer advocates point out, even goods bought at sales prices are eligible for exchange if they turn out to be defective. But shoppers can only bring damaged items back for exchange as long as they have the till receipt or scontrino. Some associations even recommend photocopying the receipts at once, as they are printed on chemical paper and likely to fade and become illegible.