TASI tax due next week

Milan city hall sends reminder

Milan’s city administration has reminded residents that the “TASI” tax which falls due next Tuesday, 16 December, must also be paid in part by tenants and not only by landlords.

The “tax on indivisible services” covers expenses like street lighting, cleaning and maintenance. But unlike other taxes on real estate, a proportion of this new tax must also be paid by persons or families renting accommodation, an unusual situation introduced in this year’s budget law. The proportion varies from comune to comune at between 10 and 30 per cent; in Milan, for example, it is set at 10 per cent of the total owed on that house or apartment, while the rest is owed by the landlord.

But a tenant who is not the owner is exempted from the tax if he or she, or their family, have rented the property for less than six months during the year now being taxed.

While the city hall website offers guidance on how to calculate the amount due, what exceptions are allowed, and the obligatory means of payment, many tenants who are unfamiliar with the by-ways of Italian tax law will prefer to seek the help of an accountant or commercialista to avoid the danger of an incorrect payment, with all the interest and fnes that would incur.

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