"The Cube" restaurant opens in Milan

"The Cube" restaurant, sponsored by Electrolux, a world leader Company in the field of home appliances for professional use,  has just been completed and will remain open until 26 April. The structure is positioned at the top of the Assicurazioni Generali building , overlooking the Duomo . The restaurant can welcome 18 people that will be asked to pay, giving credit to rumors, approximately € 200 each per meal .

The white resin and glass structure has been at the centre of many controversies due to its visual impact on the Duomo square.

Before arriving in Milan “The Cube” restaurant mobile structure was hosted in Brussels. Next location scheduled, after Milan, should be Stockholm.

“The Cube” is open all days from 13.00 to 15.30 and from  21.00 to 24.00, booking is highly recommended

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Address Piazza Duomo

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"The Cube" restaurant opens in Milan

Piazza Duomo