"Ticketless day” on Milan metro

Milan celebrates patron saint’s day on 7 December.

Milan transport authority ATM will celebrate the feast day of the city’s patron saint, St Ambrose on 7 December, with a special offer: unlimited travel on the metro for the whole day for passengers swiping their credit card at the ticketless turnstiles.

The initiative is designed to promote the recent installation of ticketless turnstiles, which are proving popular with Milan commuters.

Cards of the major circuits are eligible, including virtual “cards” installed digitally on smart phones or other portable devices for NFC (near field communication) reading. 

Passengers should look for the bright orange turnstiles both on entering and leaving the metro network. All cards recognised by the EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) circuit are accepted. The first swipe of the day will be valid until the end of service.

Contactless swiping is designed to speed up entry and exit at metro stations, and to reduce “traffic jams” of travellers, especially in the rush hour. A recent survey commissioned by Mastercard showed that 43 per cent of Milanese use the metro regularly, and another 31 per cent ATM’s tram and bus lines.