Traffic-free Sunday in Milan

Sunday 14 October will be Milan’s fifth “DomenicAspasso” this year, with car and motorcycle traffic (except for emergency and essential categories) banned throughout the city from 10.00 to 18.00.
A single ATM ticket costing €1.50 will be valid on public transport all day long, and subscribers to the bike-sharing BikeMI scheme will have free access for the day.
“Milan city hall has organised dozens of events to entice residents out of the house to catch the opportunity and enjoy their city,” said city councillor Chiara Bisconti, responsible for sport, free time, fitness and quality of life issues.  They include guided city walks, group bike tours, concerts, a market for food produced by female farmers, a walk along the Martesana Canal as far as Gorgonzola, and the opening to the public of several museums and churches which are normally not accessible.
The full list of special events is available on the city council website.