Transport strike 29-30 November

Travel in Italy will again be a trial of patience as transport sector workers go on strike across the country, with a  consequent peak in road traffic and congestion.
Trenitalia trains will stop between 21.00 on Thursday and 21.00 on Friday.  The Trenitalia website usually publishes, nearer to the strike date, a list of the trains which are exempted.

Local transport services – buses, trams, underground metros – will strike for 24 hours, with different rules applying in each town and city.  Local transport for commuters during a morning and evening rush-hour period is guaranteed by law, but is often incomplete and unpredictable, as well as being more than usually overcrowded.
Alitalia personnel will strike for 24 hours on Friday 30 November.

And finally, ferry services to Sardinia and Sicily, but also to the smaller islands, will halt between 08.00 on 30 November and 08.00 on 1 December.

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