Transport strike in Milan on Friday

Milan risks traffic chaos again

On Friday 24 October – the day before a nationwide strike threatens to bring Italy to a standstill – Milan transport workers plan to hold a full working day of protest.

The “protected hours” which by law must be kept strike-free for commuters will however be at different times for the different types of transport and in different cities.

In Milan, while buses, trams and metro will run normally up to 08.45 and from 15.00 to 18.00, the trains of Trenord and Fsi will run as usual up to 09.00 and from 15.00.

The eight-hour strike called by the USB union will affect travel throughout the country, and protest marches are being planned. Lombardy transport workers will start their protest march in Milan’s Piazza S. Babila at 09.30.

As well as the usual call for renewal of contracts which, they say, have remained without change for too long while prices continue to rise, the protesters will also call for “welfare, rights and dignity” and the fall of the Renzi government.

Milan city hall has not yet announced whether the “Area C” central limited traffic zone will be thrown open to cars. This however is often a measure taken to relieve the pressure on residents trying to reach their workplace, so an announcement may be made closer to the time.

Passesngers needing to travel to or from Milan’s Malpensa airport are advised to keep an eye on the Trenord website, as the company often runs a substitute coach service when trains are at a standstill.

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