Transport strike to hit Milan

24-hour national strike of all public transport.

A 24-hour strike of transport workers starting at 21.00 on 15 June is likely to cause delays and disruption across Milan.

Unless there is a last-minute reprieve – which at present looks unlikely – rail, bus, tram, metro and air transport will be severely hit until the evening of 16 June. The only hint of relief is in the legally obligatory “protected slots” for commuters in the early morning and afternoon.

In Milan, ATM city transport authority warns that buses, trams and metro trains will not provide service on 15 June from 21.00 until the end of shift, and on 16 June from 08.45 to 15.00 and then from 18.00 until the end of the working day.

Workers at Trenord regional commuter network will observe the same downtimes, as will those at Ferrovia dello Stato national rail network, excluding only the “Freccia” fast long-distance trains, which will run as normal.

Private rail carried Italo has published a list of trains guaranteed to run on 16 June.

The Malpensa Airport to Milan and Bellinzona services by Trenord will be covered by coaches. But travellers need to be aware that these take longer than the usual rail service, and also do not run to and from Milano Centrale station, but only Milano Cadorna.

In the air transport sector, labour unions have urged ground and cabin staff to strike for the entire 24-hour day of 16 June. Past experience suggests that adhesion to the strike call will be patchy, and passengers should contact their carrier for updated information. Civil aviation authority ENAC has published a list of flights guaranteed to operate.