Two new M5 stations to open shortly

Portello, Cinisio in June.

Milan’s lilac metro line M5 will see two new stations opened four months ahead of the original plan, city hall has announced.

Portello and Cinisio stations are two of the five still to be completed in the section of line which is currently being “skipped” to reduce construction-site disturbance during Expo 2015. Potello will be opened on 6 June, and Cinisio on 20 June, if all the final tests are positive.

This will bring the number of stops along the driverless, fully automated line to 16, with only three left to complete the third phase of line M5. The original plan was for these two and the remaining three to be finished in October, but work has proceeded faster than foreseen.

The last three stations at present being skipped should be open in October, once Expo 2015 has finished – at Monumentale, Gerusalemme and Tre Torri, thus “joining the dots” between Bignami and San Siro sports ground.