Vatican signs up for Expo

The Holy See is to participate in Milan Expo 2015 under the terms of a protocol agreement signed this week, reports ANSAMed news agency

The Vatican will consequently become one of over 140 states and entities that have already signed on to take part in the universal exhibition on the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".
In January Pope Francis was formally invited to attend the Expo, which dovetails with his concern about world hunger and reducing waste.
The Argentine pontiff has also been "positively struck" by the opportunities for international cooperation and youth employment provided by the world fair. "The Pope told us 'forward, forward'," said Milan Archbishop Cardinal Angelo Scola, who met with Francis in January as part of a delegation that included Expo 2015 Commissioner Giuseppe Sala, and Diana Bracco, president of Expo 2015 SpA.
The fair will examine food production and sustainability in the 21st century, among other things.

Countries from around the world have been creating exhibits for their pavilions to demonstrate how science and technology can be applied to increase the world's food supplies and improve distribution.
These, as well as personal responsibility of individuals, are themes close to the pope's heart as Francis has delivered numerous messages about the importance of eradicating world hunger, reducing waste, improving nutrition and food distribution, reported ANSAMed.
The president of Caritas International also confirmed this week that the global Catholic charity will participate in Milan Expo 2015, ANSAMed further reported.
"Couldn't this universal exposition be remembered as an event where all of human creativity united to fight world hunger? We hope so," said Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who is also the archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and has been chosen by Pope Francis to coordinate the "C8" College of Cardinals working on reforms for the Roman Curia.
Maradiaga added that he hoped it would be possible for the pope to visit the world fair, which runs May-October 2015, wrote the agency.

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