View from the top of Milan

Lombardy Region opens panoramic roof to public.

The Lombardy regional government has opened the roof terrace of Milan’s second-tallest skyscraper, Palazzo Lombardia, to the public, with a stunning view across the city and region.

Access to the 39th floor of the 161m tall building will be free of charge every Sunday (except in August) from 10.00 to 18.00, from Entrance 1 in Piazza Città di Lombardia. No booking is required.

Seat of the regional government of Lombardy, it was inaugurated in January 2010 and officially completed on 21 March 2010. After its completion, Palazzo Lombardia was the tallest skyscraper both in Milan and in Italy. Designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the building won the 2012 International Architecture Award for the best new global design.

On their way in or out, visitors will pass the full-scale copy of Milan’s much loved Madonnina which was until recently installed on the roof. Another copy has since been made for the Allianz Tower, which later took over from Palazzo Lombardia as the city’s tallest building. The gilded original Madonnina, symbol of the city, is mounted on the tallest spire of the iconic Duomo, but tradition requires that a copy watches over the city from its highest point.

For those who risk feeling giddy at 39 floors from the ground, the same view is available in much smaller format from the webcam mounted on the terrace.