Voting in Italy for EU citizens

Foreign EU nationals living in Italy have the right to vote in municipal and European Parliament elections in Italy but must first register on Italy's electoral lists.

Voting in municipal elections in Italy
In order to vote in municipal and constituency elections, foreign EU citizens residing in Italy must register on the electoral roll in the city or town where they live. Registration must be completed within five days of the elections being called.
You must declare:
Your nationality
Your place of residence and address in your country of origin
Your request to be entered in the resident population register
Voting in municipal elections is not compulsory.

Voting in European Parliament elections
To vote in European Parliament elections in Italy, foreign EU citizens must register on the electoral roll of the Italian municipality in which they reside.
The request to register must be submitted at the latest 90 days before the election date.
In order to vote you must be:
aged 18 or over on the day of voting
eligible to vote either in Italy or in your country of origin
living in an Italian municipality
not be disqualified from voting in your country of origin by any criminal or civil judicial decisions.
You must declare where you intend to vote in the European Parliament elections when you register on the electoral roll at your local municipality. You must also declare that you will vote only in Italy.Voting in European Parliament elections is not compulsory.
For details see Italian Interior Ministry website.