Zac! is back on 20 April

Zac! – the farmers’ market organised by the Gruppo d’Acquisto Solidale (GAS) group – will hold its fourth edition in Nicolò Savarino park on Via Livigno on Saturday 20 April.
This time the theme will be the sowing season, with an accent on seeds and seedlings, and experts on hand to give advice.  But the traditional stands of biologically produced food and other products sold directly from the farmer to the public, which have made the previous markets a success, will be open as usual.
Farmers staffing the stands will display certificates on the origin of their products, as well as a complete price breakdown to show how taking distribution out of the equation means that healthy, biological products are not necessarily an expensive treat for the rich.
The accent throughout will be on ethical producers who respect animals, humans and the environment with their biological methods, and on groups and associations with close ties to their territory, like the GAS groups.  These local associations create networks of consumers, producers, professionals and shopkeepers to promote access to ethical products at bulk-buying prices.
The market will be open from 10.00 to 18.00.  From 14.00 there will be entertainment to keep the kids occupied, and workshops with practical advice and training.  Full details are on the Zac! Facebook page.