Zero-emission scooter hire comes to Milan

Newcomer to Milan’s range of rental solutions.

French scooter hire start-up Cityscoot has opened its doors in Milan with a fleet of 500 emission-free, electric two-wheelers to add to the city’s rental options.

Clients should download the Cityscoot app for instructions and then locate a nearby scooter and book it with the free app.  They receive a four-digit code to use to unlock the scooter within 10 minutes of booking. The scooters may be ridden outside the Cityscoot zone, but you will need to come back into the zone to end the rental.

No subscription is necessary. One-off rental costs €0.29 per minute, or €0.22 if you buy a 100-minute block booking.  The charge includes insurance coverage.

Anyone aged 18 years old or more is authorized to drive a 50cc scooter. If you were born before 1988, you don’t need to provide any licence details; if you were born after 1988, you need to provide details of a valid driving license issued in the European Union or officially translated into French. Clients may not carry passengers.

The company’s plan is to double the fleet over the next few months – and to open in Rome, too, by the coming summer.

Founded in 2014, Cityscoot rents out some 4,500 scooters in Paris and Nice.