23rd Antique Book Exhibition in Milan

16-18 March 2012. The 23 edition of The Antique Book Exhibition displays many bibliographic and artistic rarities, selected from the best Italian and international antiquarian bookshops. This event, which is one of the most attended appointments for bibliophiles and collectors, gathers together antiquarian bookshops from Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria and Portugal.

This edition will be enriched by an exhibition, entitled Aureæ Ligaturæ, which will display over 140 bindings, made in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Holland and England between 1400 and 1900 and kept at the famous Milanese Library of Via Senato.  These bindings which are mostly signed or come from famous shops, were selected for their style and the quality of workmanship. They range from ancient maps to historical texts, architectural treaties, rare literature volumes, medical texts and valuable scientific documents. On display are also some books to browse as well as designs, engraving, photographs and historical documents, such as a rare shot from 1938 autographed by Himmler, which immortalizes Hitler, Mussolini, Goebbels and Himmler visiting the exhibition Augustea of Latinity on occasion of the Fuehrer’s visit to Italy.

Fri-Sat 11.00-19.00, Sun 11.00-18.00.

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Address Palazzo della Permanente. Via Turati 34, Milan, tel. 02 21023079

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23rd Antique Book Exhibition in Milan

Palazzo della Permanente. Via Turati 34, Milan, tel. 02 21023079