9th Festa della Musica opens in Milan

18-21 June. Electronic music in all its forms.

Milan’s Music Festival opens again this year in the Forlanini Park, not far from Linate airport, with gigs of every kind supported by bar service, street food and laser light shows and projections on 18 to 21 June.

Starting out in the new concert facilities recently installed in the park with three sound stages, Saturday 20 June will see the festival shift to the shores of Forlanini Park’s lake, for dancers to enjoy a lakeside view from the dance-floor.

Friday’s programme continues until 03.00, and Saturday’s until 04.00, while Sunday evening revellers will dance until midnight.

The closing notes of the festival will sound on European Music Day, 21 June, in the square outside Milan’s stock exchange, with electronic and live performances.

Totally free for all comers, the ninth edition of the festival is this year under the sign of the environment, with biodegradable plastic cups and plates designed by students of the Institute of Design and a plea to the audience to ensure that all rubbish finds its way to the correct bins, leaving the park clean for other users.

The festival will also be an occasion for the non-profit NGO Parallèle 49 to explain their plan to move a cinema, 12 members and four trucks across 16 countries and 30,000 km to bring culture and health care to the desert children of Mongolia.

The programme and list of performers is available on the festival website.