A Musical Snack for Mums and Kids

23 March from 16:30 to 18:30. Sweet tea, sweet music. Among the wooden tables of the Nortdest Caffè, the birthplace of many live shows, a delicious snack, wrapped in the velvet voice of Simona Barbieri McKenzie, with piano accompaniment by Jean Filoramo and guitar by Gianluca Rebecchi.

The idea of an afternoon concert dedicated to mothers and babies was born from a meeting between The Milk Bar, the Nordest Caffè and the singer/music therapist Simona Barbieri Mckenzie.

Away from TV and video games, children will enjoy the rare treat of live music, lulled by the gentle sounds of the voice of Simona. An enriching precious time with an informal interaction among peers.  

A moment of relaxation for moms, with a delightful shopping corner, where they can find small and large objects for themselves or their little ones.  

Simona Barbieri McKenzie, who has long studied the relationship between music and child development, pre-and postnatal, can speak to babies through sounds, and create with her voice and her melodies, an atmosphere that melt the heart and evoke storybook places . She will perform pieces from her repertoire as well as some covers.

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Address Nordest Caffè, Via Borsieri 35, 20159 Milano

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A Musical Snack for Mums and Kids

Nordest Caffè, Via Borsieri 35, 20159 Milano