A trainful of honey for Milan

ExpoExpress brings a tasty treat

Platform 6 at Porta Garibaldi station at 10.30 on Sunday 7 December will be the next stop for ExpoExpress, the travelling roadshow presenting Expo 2015 around the country in collaboration with Mondadori and Trenitalia.

In the carriage dedicated to food, the national consortium of honey producers will offer show cooking and tasting to spread the word about Italy’s healthy and sustainable honey.

On the feast day of Milan’s patron St Ambrose – who is also the patron saint of beekeepers – Anna Ganapini, a third-generation beekeeper from Reggio Emilia, will produce a tempura of apples with chestnut honey, explaining and demonstrating the process and offering the finished product to her audience until 19.30 Sunday evening.

And Ganapini will talk about her passion for bees, and explain how her family has for decades made sure that their honey is not only tasty but also healthy and safe, even if this means extra work caused by installing the hives far from any possible source of contamination.

Her family produces under the Melizia brand of Conapi, the consortium which includes over 600 beekeepers from throughout the peninsula. Conapi strives to inform the public about the importance of protecting bees, an indispensible link in the planet’s ecology.

Their activity includes training, mapping the single-culture honeys, and supporting initiatives against the use of pesticides which can bring irreparable harm to the swarms, as they did across the continent last spring.

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Address Porta Garibaldi station
Website www.conapi.it

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A trainful of honey for Milan

Porta Garibaldi station

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