Absence of Subject

1 Feb-7 Apr. This double exhibition displays 40 original photographs by the German reporter August Sander (1876-1964), considered the most important German portrait photographer of the early 20th century, and the related digital reinterpretations by the contemporary American artist Michael Somoroff.

In 1911 Sander started working on the project People of the 20th Century. Face of our Time was published in 1929 and contained a selection of 60 portraits of the inhabitants of the Republic of Weimar with no race nor class distinction. Under the Nazi regime, his work and personal life were greatly constrained. Sander's book Face of our Time was seized in 1936 and the photographic plates destroyed. During world war two, he left Cologne and moved to a rural area, which allowed him to save most of his negatives. After many decades Somoroff decided to intervene on Sander’s shots by digitally eliminting the human figures. His very personal and original homage to the German master gives new life to his works.

Tues-Sun 10.00-20.00.

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Address Fondazione Stelline. Corso Magenta 61, tel. 02 45462411.
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Absence of Subject

Fondazione Stelline. Corso Magenta 61, tel. 02 45462411.