Alexander Tovborg’s Giverny

1 March-4 April 2012. This exhibition, entitled Giverny, displays for the first time in Italy the works by the young Danish artist Alexander Tovborg.

Tovborg’s works range between abstraction, figurative art and mysticism and are inspired by foreign cultures, literary stimuli and religious spirituality. His paintings are sophisticated, intense and colourful narrations hidden behind a fervid, sometimes metaphysical, imaginary.

In this series Tovborg uses a variety of expression, which range from design to painting. He builds a fictitious erotic narration, set in the famous garden of Claude Monet. On this occasion he also presents a series, entitled Tourist, in which are collocated archetypal and symbolical figures, which represent points of interaction between the erotic-artistic reading of the book Kama Sutra and the biblical story of Adam and Eva in the Eden Garden.

His stratified and complex work takes shape through visual experiments, which investigate and challenge in contents and concepts the artistic, historical and religious tradition, playing at the same time with the imaginary of spectators.

Tue-Sun 11.00-13.00, 14.30-19.00.

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Address Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.

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Alexander Tovborg’s Giverny

Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.