Aliantedizioni - Exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul.

Aliantedizioni is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul.

A source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers of romances, the Turkish metropolis never ceases to fascinate visitors from around the world, thanks in no small part to its complex architecture and hypnotic Islamic decoration. Indeed the thousand mosques, the Topkapi Palace and the Serraglio, Sultanahmet, Bazar and Beyoglu zones were the stimuli for some photo shoots assembled by Alessandro Loschiavo in 2012, and for their recent post-production by Samantha Acciuffi. This gave rise to a collection of 27 evocative images, the result of a journey of discovery through the city streets and that, in some cases, almost become some 2-dimensional textures. The images, with more or less explicit references to both the ancient and modern city, have now been gathered into a new publication, a pocket-sized illustrated notebook that combines each portrayal with a blank page for one’s own observations or sketches. So, a first AlianteNotebook dedicated to Istanbul that seeks to be a travel companion and record of memories and sensations. The book will be printed on recycled paper and published in a limited series of 999 issues.

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Address Via Ausonio 13

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Aliantedizioni - Exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul.

Via Ausonio 13