Andy Warhol’s Stardust

4 April-8 Sept. After the great success of last year’s exhibition, entitled Conversations, the Museo del Novecento renews its collaboration with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch for this exhibition of famous prints by the undisputed master of Pop Art, Andy Warhol (1928-1987).

The exhibition highlights Warhol’s most famous nucleus of prints from the 1970s to the 1980s, coming from the Merrill Lynch collection, which retrace some of the important phases of Warhol’s production. It highlights the serial print production, mostly created by the Warhol’s assistants and later retouched and refined by Warhol. These include the Campbell’s soup cand, the portraits of Muhammad Alì, Marilyn Monroe and of cartoon heroes. From the 1970s Warhol’s philosophy has focused on producing one canvas a day. The title of the exhibition, Stardust, underlines Warhol’s capability of creating sparkling, immortal icons.

Mon 14.30-19.30, Tue-Sun 14.30-19.30, Thurs 09.30-22.30.

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Address Museo del Novecento. Piazza Duomo, tel. 02 88444061.

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Andy Warhol’s Stardust

Museo del Novecento. Piazza Duomo, tel. 02 88444061.